The Moral Idiocy of Gun Control

More wisdom from Daniel Greenfield : Gun control isn’t about stopping gun violence, but disavowing moral responsibility for preventing it, passing the buck to the cops, to society, and to some force outside our control. Gun control rallies are the virtue signaling of moral cowards seeking to blame someone else for horrors that they cannot cope with and that they do not intend to take any personal action to prevent. Disarmament, national or personal, is not a moral stance, but the abandonment of morality. Gun controllers have had a field day with the inaction of the Uvalde cops, but it never occurs to them that’s who they are, standing around, wringing their hands and waiting for someone to tell them what the plan is, so they don’t have to make any difficult choices in the face of a crisis. Gun control is the moral idiocy of the irresponsible blaming those who have taken responsibility.

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"No, we don't want him to talk."

Joe Biden: The Other Team’s MVP

Ribbons vs. Results

Losers insist that you look at their ribbons.  Winners insist that you look at their results.

They didn’t have F-15s or nukes. And they didn’t need them.



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