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Canadian Hockey Player Refuses to Wear Silver Medal

Just in case anyone thought the entitlement mentality was exclusive to Americans.

From USA Today:
The disappointment showed on their faces and for Canadian defenseman Jocelyne Larocque there was no celebration in winning the silver medal.After the United States won a thrilling shootout for its first Olympic gold in two decades, the medal ceremony took place. Larocque had the reaction that was most noteworthy — yanking off the silver immediately after it was placed around her neck.'Just hard,' she told reporters. 'We were going for gold.' I feel so very sorry for Jocelyne and the entire Canadian Women's Hockey Team. Their goal in the 2018 Olympics was a first in Olympic history -- one that has never been had by any other team that has ever participated in the games. Unlike Finland, their goal was not bronze. They were going for gold.

Excuse me one moment while I grab my tiny fiddle and rosin up the bow.

Like Jerry Seinfeld, Jocelyne must think the silver is the worst …
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